Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sarah & Josh- A Yosemite Engagement

Thought I would kick this thing off with a good ol' fashioned re-post of one of my most favorite engagement sessions. Meet Sarah and Josh and be in love with them.
Quick re-cap; Sarah and Josh picked THE most beautiful day up in the woodlands. Period.  We all got a little car sick on the way up, with no help from Josh's fake vomit noises. Sarah is amazing and gorgeous. Obvs.

 Favorite shot of the day.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brand Spankin New

Well.. ladies and gents, here she is all shiny and new. This will be my new home, and I do hope you like it.  Unfortunately I don't have a link to my old blog with all my old posts, but that might just be for the best. I get a fresh new beginning, where I will share with you all of my recent work. I will however post a few of my last few favorite sessions, because I just won't be able to resist. This here little blog is lookin a little naked and will need some pretty faces to spice it up. More to come, just wanted to say hello. :)