Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jessica + Logan Married

Jessica and Logan win the award for the best styled wedding this year. I really liked the coral and grey combo, so very chic. How adorable are these two? They were sooo easy to work with, and they have so much chemistry together. Thanks guys, I had a blast hangin out!

Favorite shot of the day, such an intimate moment. 

Um.... most coveted item of the day. This bouquet was AMAZING.

GORGEOUS bride, love this shot of Jessica.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sarah + Josh Married

First off, this was the most looked forward too wedding I've had. Ever. Sarah and Josh are amazing people, and I couldn't wait to see everybody there! Karen Garcia did such a good job putting this event together, going above and beyond what i've seen any wedding planner ever do. I have met so many incredible people through Sarah, and I feel like I have this little Kingsburg family that I really cherish. Their wedding was centered around God, and I have never met so many people that were such perfect examples for me of what it means to be kind. Just down to earth, loving, wonderful, happy people. I was grateful to be part of such a special day. I LOVE these people.
HUGE thank you to Cameron Fries for helping me out as a second shooter. Although he specializes in video production, he is a very talented photographer as well and he got some seriously awesome shots.

A few of Cameron's shots..

LOVE this one.