Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forget Me Nots Styled Shoot- A Backyard Wedding

Ahh.. where to begin with this one.  Lets just skip the talking and get right to the good stuff. These images speak for themselves.. so I'll blab away at the end. 

See that beautiful couple right up there?? Thats Jenny and Josh, and I could go on and on about these two. Jenny is a powerhouse of ideas, and when it came down to actually making this specific shoot into a reality she just threw it together like it was second nature. I was excited about all the gorgeous details involved with this, right down to every last little teacup and she did a perfect job at making it come to life.  However, I didn't want that to be the main focus. I really wanted this shoot to focus around Jenny and Josh without getting lost in all the pretty frill, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

Wondering where you can get your hands on all those yummy vintage antiques? Vintage For Hire is COMING SOON.
Thats right, you can rent this crap. All of it. (Except the cupcakes.. we ate those..) I'll have more info on this as soon as they get their site up and running.